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Wat Bang Chang Nuea

Wat Bang Chang Nuea Temple was built in 1827 under the reign of King Rama III. It was originally called Wat Mai Temple. In 1916, when Somdet Kromphraya Vajirananavarorasa, the supreme patriarch, visited temples in Sam Phran, he had the name changed to Wat Bang Chang Nuea Temple. An important ancient building of the temple is the old, small Uposatha hall located in the front near the Tha Chin River. There are three Buddha images placed inside, built out of bricks and coated with lime in the Rattanakosin style of art. In 1950, a new Uposatha hall is built, and a ceremony of casting the principal Buddha image with gold is held on April 8, 1976. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the present king, presided over the ceremony casting the replica of Phra Phuttha Chinnarat image that is placed inside the new Uposatha hall, and His Majesty also planted a Bodhi tree on the left side of the hall. Wat Bang Chang Nuea was officially established in 1927. It was granted Visumgamasama on February 3, 1950. The famous Theras of the temple were Luang Pu Joi, the 2nd abbot, Phra Khru Parat Phan (Dissasuvanno), the 5th abbot, and Phra Khru Vutthikansophon (Sa-ngat Ukkhaseno), the 6th abbot. Phra Phiphatsueksakon is the present abbot of the temple. (Information source: http://www.m-culture.in.th/moc_new/album/150597/วัดบางช้างเหนือ/)
There are in total 31 manuscripts from Wat Bang Chang Nuea Temple in the database, which are:
NPT006-001 Anagatavamsa,
NPT006-002 Yantra drawing text
NPT006-003 Astrology text
NPT006-004 Chanthakat Jataka 3rd book
NPT006-005 Medicine text
NPT006-006 Astrology text
NPT006-007 Medicine text
NPT006-008 Medicine text
NPT006-009 Cancer tumor text
NPT006-010 Medicine text
NPT006-011 Land measurement text
NPT006-012 Mathematic text
NPT006-013 Verses and mantras text
NPT006-014 Pathomchinda scripture
NPT006-015 Phra Jao Ha Phraong mantra
NPT006-016 Maha Then Tam Yae mantra
NPT006-017 Yantra text,
NPT006-018 Medicine text
NPT006-019 Medicine text
NPT006-020 Miscellaneous text
NPT006-021 Superstition and medicine text,
NPT006-022 Medicine text
NPT006-023 Medicine text
NPT006-024 Medicine text
NPT006-025 Chet Thamnan mantra book
NPT006-026 Astrology text
NPT006-027 Unnahissavijaya mantra,
NPT006-028 Akaravatta Sutta 1st binding
NPT006-029 Vibhangapakarana 2nd binding
NPT006-030 Yamakapakarana 6th binding
NPT006-031 Nibbana Sutta.

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