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Wat Lam Phaya Folk Floating Market Museum

The temple is located on the bank of Nakhorn Chaisri River and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the province because of the floating market that the temple and community helped establish in 1999. The market sells local product and food as well as provides boat services to glimpse the river ways of life. In addition, the temple is also the center for cultural integration of the community and one requirement of the center is to set up a folk museum. The museum is a Thai style wooden house on stilts located in the temple compound. It was first opened in 2000. The ground floor displays folk boats and agricultural equipment. The second floor displays several types of utensils, such as, porcelain, glassware, pottery, jars, fishing traps, wickerware, scripture chest, old banknotes and old pictures of the temple. These items were mostly donated by community members and donors’ names are written on them. The museum is managed by the temple and Lam Phaya Tambon Cultural Council and it is open on weekends. There are two volunteer curators taking turn to provide information to visitors. One is a temple officer and the other is a local school teacher.
(Source: Thai Museums Database Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Anthropology Centre)

There are 40 ancient documents from Lamphaya floating market local museum, as follows:
NPT004-001 Phra Malai
NPT004-003 Book about the origin of follicular pharyngitis
NPT004-004 Manual for setting up a spirit house
NPT004-005 Trinisimhe Book
NPT004-006 Patimokkha
NPT004-007 Mantra and Pharmacopeia
NPT004-008 Mantra
NPT004-009 Gandhacakradipani, Tika of astrology book
NPT004-010 Aphaisali Pharmacopeia,
NPT004-011 Takrud Yantra
NPT004-012 Yantra Book
NPT004-013 Thepajon Book
NPT004-016 Pathomcinda Book
NPT004-017 Rajathiraj (Mon Chronicle)
NPT004-018 Pharmacopeia
NPT004-019 Omkara of Exorcism
NPT004-022 Blood and Wind-caused diseases Pharmacopeia
NPT004-024 Tribhimilokavinicchaya
NPT004-025 Steel and Elixir book
NPT004-026 Diagnosis Book
NPT004-027 Pharmacopeia
NPT004-028 7 books of Abhidhamma
NPT004-029 Phra Sanggini Yantra
NPT004-031 House building manual
NPT004-032 Marana Nyana Sutra
NPT004-034 Verses for teaching ladies
NPT004-035 Anecdotes pharmacopeia
NPT004-038 Nirvana (poetry)
NPT004-041 Yantra Book
NPT004-042 Elemental balance pharmacopeia
NPT004-043 Pharmacopeia
NPT004-044 Hung book
NPT004-045 Elements book for professional doctor
NPT004-046 Memorandum
NPT004-047 Precept Poem
NPT004-048 Pharmacopeia
NPT004-049 Thep-ak-sorn Pharmacopeia
NPT004-050 Pharmacopeia
NPT004-051 Darawong
NPT004-052 Pharmacopeia

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