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Wat Bang Chang Tai

According to the history of Wat Bang Chang Tai Temple, it was built in 1792 under the reign of King Rama I. In 1857, the second Uposatha hall was also built in place of the first one that had burned down, and a Buddha image was also relocated from an old temple in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, transported by Ruea Pai Ma (Thai paddle boat), to enshrine there. The Buddha image is called Luang Pho Petch. It was a Chiang Saen art style Buddha image, seated in the posture of meditation. The image is now placed on a throne in the third Uposatha hall that was built in the time of King Rama VII, which is the present Uposatha hall of the temple. Wat Bang Chang Tai Temple was originally called “Wat Bang Chang” Temple. The famous Thera (senior monk) of Wat Bang Chang Tai Temple is Phrakru Vinayadhara (Yai Kittitharo), the 6th abbot of the temple. This information was recorded in a historical book entitled Sam Phran Cultures: Wat Bang Chang Tai Temple. The temple was given the status of Visumgamasama (land officially granted to build a temple) by the King on January 27, 1936. Phrakru Arundhammavisut is currently the abbot of the temple.
There are in total 16 manuscripts from Wat Bang Chang Tai Temple in the database, which are:
NPT005-001 Sutta Pitaka
NPT005-002 Verses and mantras text
NPT005-003 Astrology text
NPT005-004 Suphasit Son Ying (Proverbs for women)
NPT005-005 Medicine text
NPT005-006 Medicine text (Pathomchinda scripture)
NPT005-007 Abhidhammatthasangaha nine chapters
NPT005-008 Superstition text
NPT005-009 Abhidhamma
NPT005-010 Pali textbook
NPT005-011 Cancer tumor text
NPT005-012 Sami Inn medicine
NPT005-013 Astrology text
NPT005-014 Tao Linthong
NPT005-015 Superstition text
NPT005-017 Marananyana Sutta scripture.

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