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Ban Mo He Saikosin

Mo He Saikosin (formerly Chongkolni) was a local pharmacist who was respected by the villagers of Wat Tha Phut community in Rai Khing Subdistrict, Sam Phran District, Nakhon Pathom Province. Mo He (means doctor He) was also the conductor of several rituals. If there was a religious ceremony, a wedding ceremony, or a ceremony for encouragement in any household, Mo He would help conducting it, as well. Mo-He learned about Thai traditional medicine when he was a monk in Wat Tha Phut. When he left the Buddhist monkhood, he used his knowledge to help people.

Nowadays, Mo He Saikosin has already passed away. It is his daughter, Aunt Snaeh, who still takes care of the manuscripts that belonged to Mo He Saikosin. So, the Museum Connection invited the Survey, Accumulating and Researching of the local literatures in Western Thailand Project, accompany with The Inscriptions in Thailand Database Project to collect and record manuscripts, make digital copies, as well as the wrapping clothes.

There are in total 39 manuscripts from Ban Mo He Saikosin (Mo He Saikosin’s House) in the database, which are:

NPT007-001 Superstition text
NPT007-002 Smallpox text
NPT007-003 32 Symptoms of Khai Nuea (Malaria) text
NPT007-004 Astrology text
NPT007-005 Good Cat Features
NPT007-006 Finding body elements text
NPT007-007 Sacred verses
NPT007-009 Kret Traditional Medicine Scripture
NPT007-010 Medicine text
NPT007-011 Superstition text
NPT007-012 Abscess and Sa Phak Medicine text
NPT007-013 Maha Makrut Paet King Mantra
NPT007-014 Auspicious time predicting
NPT007-015 Kret Phra Osod scripture
NPT007-016 Medicine text
NPT007-017 Taxila scripture
NPT007-018 Medicine text
NPT007-019 Rok Nithan scripture
NPT007-020 Pathomchinda scripture
NPT007-021 Tor Mork (eye cataract) text/ Aphaiyasanta scripture
NPT007-022 Medicine text
NPT007-023 Sannibat medicine text
NPT007-024 Sannibat verse
NPT007-025 Holy water mantra text
NPT007-026 Text to diagnose fevers
NPT007-027 Akanirot abscess text
NPT007-028 Khat Bao (cystitis) medicine text
NPT007-029 Medicine text
NPT007-030 Medicine text
NPT007-032 Medicine text
NPT007-033 Kret medicine of Mo He Chongkolnee
NPT007-034 Phra Mol of Mo He Chongkolnee
NPT007-035 Medicine text
NPT007-036 Superstition text
NPT007-037 Superstition medicine text
NPT007-038 Medicine text
NPT007-039 Medicine text
NPT007-040 Medicine text
NPT007-041 Medicine text.

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