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Wat Tha Phut

Wat Tha Phut Temple is located on the bank of the Tha Chin River, or the Nakorn Chaisri River; originally it was called “Wat Chetaphut” Temple. According to legend passed down through the generations, there were two brothers sitting next to a large termite mound. When the older brother fell asleep, the younger brother saw a bug crawl out from his brother nose and disappear into the termite mound. Then, the younger brother fell asleep himself, and dreamed that a Bhut (a ghost) told him there was a heap of treasure in the hill, and to unearth it to sell and take the money to build a temple. When he woke up, he told his older brother the story. Then, they helped each other dig the ground to find the treasure, but they did not find anything. So, the brothers tried to recall what they had seen, and remembered seeing the bug disappeared into the termite mound. So, they dug into the termite mound and found the treasure. They sold it just like in the dream and traveled with the money to find a place to build the temple, finally finding the perfect spot around a T-intersection. They built the temple there and named it “Wat Chetaphut”, which was later shortened to “Wat Ta Phut”, and finally to “Wat Tha Phut”.
However, a more reliable story of Wat Tha Phut Temple was that there were a lot of Garcinia trees (Thai: Mah Phut) around the temple. The Garcinia fruits could also made an herbal medicine. Moreover, within Wat Ta Phut, there is also a local museum holding archeological artifacts, old manuscripts, as well as inscriptions.
Now, there are in total 16 manuscripts from Wat Ta Phut Temple in the database, which are:
NPT001-001 Dharmasastras
NPT001-002 Vessantara Jataka
NPT001-003 Superstition text
NPT001-004 Astrology text
NPT001-005 Vessantara Jataka
NPT001-006 7 numbers horoscope manual
NPT001-007 Narongakhajit Jataka
NPT001-008 Medicine text
NPT001-015 Yantra and text about Goddess of Rice worshiping ritual
NPT001-016 Chindamani book 1
NPT001-017 The story of the Buddha’s Footprints
NPT001-017 Buddhaghosa
NPT001-019 Prosecutions for slaves
NPT001-020 Patimokkha
NPT001-022 7 books of Abhidhamma Piṭaka
NPT001-023 Yantra drawing text.

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