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Mantra book, Bangchang Tai Temple version

Transliterator : Nisa Cheyklin
This Thai traditional book starts with the Buddhanimita Mantra, Kambangkai Mantra, Charming Wax, making sacred beads and Yantra drawings used in Yantras such as takrud, Yantra cloth, Yantra ring, Salika Linthong. The appendix discusses medication for Typhoid, Sannibat Song Khlong, Kudtarad, etc.

Tags : NPT005-015 , Yantra , Mantra , incantation , securing danger , takrud , wax , herb , pharmacopeia

Phraya Si Sao

Transliterator : Dokrak Payaksri
The literary work “Phraya Si Sao” or “Phra Si Sao Klon Suat” is the collection of Jatakas outside Tipitaka called Panyasa Jataka. The author composed the story of “Sisora Jatak” in Klon Suat style. The Jatakas in Panyasajataka, such as Samudraghosa, Rathasena, Sudhana Jataka, have had a big impact to Thai poetry since the Ayutthaya period, and so on. As Muen Promsom Phatsorn (Mee), a Rattanakosin poet, has referred to this Phra Si Sao,in “Niras Duean”. Thus it may be assumed that this work had been composed in the second reign, King Phuttaloetla Napalai.

Tags : NPT008-005 , Nakhon Pathom , Taindad Temple , literature , Jataka outside Tipitaka , Klon Suat , Phra Si Sao

Traditional pharmacopeia from Western Thailand

Author : Dokrak Payaksri
The traditional pharmacopeia from western part of Thailand in SAC ancient document database can be compared with The royal pharmacopeia in the fifth reign, Vejashastra Samgraha, etc. which is very similar.

Tags : Pharmacopeia , the royal pharmacopeia , Vejashastra Samkrauh , Western Thailand

Pharmacopeia, Bangchang Nuea Temple version

Transliterator : Nisa Cheyklin
The book describes various diseases and medicines, for instance Kunsa medicine, Mahasommit medicine, Naowaskot medicine; some blood disease medicines, such as Wimulachit medicine, Mahaprathan medicine, Tridashavaj medicine; and some nose medicines, such as Prachandanmek medicine, Mahanuphap medicine, Maemaiphuarang medicine, Changprasan-nga medicine, Alaisongsarn medicine, etc.

Tags : NPT006-008 , Pharmacopeia , blood disease , febrifuge , analeptic , Bangchang Nuea Temple , Nakhon Pathom

Blood disease pharmacopeia

Transliterator : Dokrak Payaksri
This text refers to fevers and febrifuges. There is the mention of thick blood diseases in women, such as haemagogue, haemagouge infusion, medicine for woman giving birth with postpartum hemorrhage, medicine for cleansing rotten blood from the stomach. The text ends with reference to “Roganidana book” which is about the elements that cause the diseases which are earth, water, fire, and wind.

Tags : NPT006-005 , Pharmacopeia , Bangchang Neua Temple , blood disease , fever

Miscellaneous Traditional medicine book

Transliterator : Dokrak Payaksri
The “Miscellaneous Traditional medicine book” was copied by Doctor He Saikosin, a traditional doctor of the second level. The purpose is to collect the pharmacopeia from many places into a book for convenience.

Tags : NPT007-009 , home of Doctor He , Miscellaneous Traditional medicine book , Tha Poot Temple

Phra Aiyakarntas (Slave provision)

Transliterator : Vandhana Jiraphong
This text is a provision about the seven categories of slaves (marriage slaves, legacy slaves, given slaves, guilt offered slaves, adopted slaves, captive slaves, and bonded slaves), becoming a slave in each type, wages, expiation, behavior, slavery rights and duties between each type of slave and master and any participant, including the definition that any slave is the property of the king and the master is not allowed to punish a slave to the point they die.

Tags : NPT001-019 , Tha Poot Temple , Law , Three-seals Law , Phra Aiyakarntas , slaves

Omkara Mahamagrud Peadking

Transliterator : Dokrak Payaksri
This white Thai traditional book is a half-size smaller than that typical manuscripts, and suitable for being carried in a pocket. The text begins with the description of a large decoction that can treat many diseases and any black magic. The text ends with the “Omkara Mahamagrud Peadking”, which is a Mantra for consecrating holy water to cool a fever.

Tags : NPT007-013 , Phra Arahant Paed Tit Mantra , Solasa Yantra , Trinisimhe Yantra , home of Doctor He , Tha Poot Temple
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